Communication Survey - Sturry 2019
We greatly value our partnership with parents and aim to communicate with you as best we can.

From September 2018, to improve our carbon footprint, reduce the use of paper and ensure important messages get delivered to you, rather than lost in the bottom of a book bag, we started using our digital communication app weduc as the primary way of communicating with our parents.

Weduc allows parents to receive messages from the school and have access to our school social newsfeed, calendar, and notice board. Parents can also message the school from their app.

We want your views on how well you think the school communicates with you, so that we can look at ways of improving communication further.

We would very much appreciate it if you were able to take a few minutes of your time to answer the questions in this survey. All responses are anonymous. 

1. How would you rate the communication that you receive from the school? *


2. How do you prefer to receive messages from the school? (e.g your child has bumped their head, received a headteachers award, other short messages etc) You can tick more than one box. *


3. How do you prefer to read class/school newsletters and letters from the school? *