COPD survey

Andover has a comparatively higher incidence of COPD than many other areas in Hampshire and we would like to understand your experience so we can improve our services.

The information you provide on this form does not contain any personal identifiable data and will remain completely anonymous.

This information will be shared across the healthcare system and used to inform best practice and share learning. Thank you for your time.

1. Where were you diagnosed with COPD?


2. Have you been offered pulmonary rehabilitation?


3. If yes, did you use this service?


4. If no, please give a reason


5. How would you rate your overall experience from the NHS in relation to the management of your COPD? (By experience we mean any interaction you have had with a health professional about your COPD. This may include but is not limited to outpatient departments, GP, Practice Nurses, Proactive Nurses, inpatient stays, hospital/specialist, pulmonary rehab, oxygen assessment, supported discharge service)


6. Do you have a self-management plan?


7. If yes, do you use it?


8. Did you receive education relating to your COPD condition?


9. At what stage did you receive education about your COPD condition?


10. How did you receive this education/information?


11. Would you have preferred to receive this education in a different way?


12. Did you feel empowered to manage your condition as a result of the education you received?


13. Did you want more information?


14. Were you told how to manage an exacerbation?


15. Do you suffer from any other conditions?