Pain and Rheumatology survey

We are looking at how our pain and rheumatology services are provided and if there is anything we might do differently in the future. If you or someone you care for has used these services, we’d very much like to hear about your experiences and ideas.  You can help us by completing our survey

Thank you for your assistance.

1. How long were you in pain before you made an appointment to see your GP?


2. How long have you had your pain or rheumatological condition?


3. Did your GP suggest any techniques or exercises to help you manage your pain or rheumatological condition?


4. If so, did you find these easy to follow?


5. If so, how confident were you that you were able to manage your pain levels by using techniques or exercises?


6. Did your GP refer you to a community service to help manage your pain or rheumatology?


7. If so, were you referred to see a Physiotherapist within the community service?


8. If so, how long did you wait to see a physiotherapist?


9. Before your appointment, were you given any printed information about your condition or expected treatments?


10. Following your appointment, did you feel better able to manage your conditions?


11. Have you been referred to a hospital service for your pain or rheumatological condition?


12. How long did you wait for your first hospital appointment?


13. Did you visit the hospital only once?


14. How regularly do you have appointments now?


15. During your appointments, which medical professionals do you see? Tick all that apply


16. Have you been prescribed medicines to help you manage your condition?


17. Are you still taking these, or other medications for your pain/rheumatology?


18. If you currently have appointments with a hospital, do you also visit your GP to help you to manage your pain/rheumatology?


19. Have you felt you’ve been involved in decisions about the treatments recommended for you?


20. If you would like to be kept informed of developments, or you would like to help us further by taking part in a focus group, please give us your email address.

This will only be used for the purpose of this service review and will not be shared with anyone. You can ask for your detail to be removed at any time by emailing