Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism - Advertising Details

From this site we will capture information about your business so that we can create a listing for you on our website.  This information will be used to initially set up your webpage.  Once created, it can be revised at any time either by asking us to make a change or we will give you login details so that you can do it yourself.
Before you start it is probably worth spending a short while looking at this page to understand the information that you will be asked to provide.  The form can be saved at any stage and resumed at a later time.

1. Your business description

On this page we gather the descriptions that will be used on the website.

1. Your details


2. Business name
This is the name which will be used on our website. Typically it will be the name of a hotel, pub, restaurant, attraction etc and is the name by which the business is generally known.


3. Business address
This is the address of the accommodation, attraction, shop etc as needed by a visitor, rather than your postal address which may be different. The post code is also used for locating your business on the website map. *


4. Business telephone numbers 
To be used by members of the public and displayed on our website.


5. email address
This is for public use and will be displayed on our website.


6. Grade of Listing
There are 3 possible grades of listing.  The standard grade is Silver but Gold provides additional benefits.  An Associate listing is not available to shops or those whose main business is tourism.  We recommend that you review the prices and benefits of each grade.

Select your required listing grade. *


7. Website address
Most members have their own business website and there will be a link from our site.


8. Photographs
On each web page:
  • Gold and Silver listings can display up to 8 pictures
  • Associate listings can display up to 4 pictures
It is generally easiest if images are emailed to us. Alternatively we can copy them from your website if the quality is good enough.  Guidance on selecting pictures, resolution and format  is available on our website


Description of your business
This is used on your main page of the website. When writing the description, stress your main selling points rather than repeating content that is immediately obvious elsewhere. In most cases the aim of this page is for the user to click the link which will send them through to your own website which has much more information.  We recommend a description of about 200 words in length but there is no upper limit.  However, if your description is too long the reader may be bored and give up.  The main description is used for searches on the website so do include details of your main selling points. 
If it is easier, your description can be emailed to us, or we can copy it from your website.


Summary of your business description
This description (limited to 500 characters including spaces) is used on the website when all businesses in a particular category are selected, eg all B&Bs to give a summary of your business. On the website the aim is for the user to click though to your main web page, and your summary should tempt readers to look further and to highlight the differences between yours and similar businesses. There is little point in listing location, grades and other information that is automatically added to each summary.



Opening times
Give the opening times for your business. Consider including the days and times that you are open and also any seasonal variations. Indicate if booking is necessary. This field is not compulsory but most businesses, with the possible exception of accommodation, will benefit by including the opening times.  There is no limit to the length of this text.


Road Directions
Give the directions on how to find your business. This field is not compulsory but most businesses will benefit by including it, particularly in a rural area.  There is no limit to the length of this text.


Transport Directions
Give some indication if your business can be reached by public transport.  Consider including the nearest railway station and whether bus services are available.  This field is not compulsory but many businesses will benefit by including it, particularly in a rural area.  There is no limit to the length of this text.


If you wish, you can include details of your prices.  It is definitely helpful for some businesses to give an indication of prices (eg accommodation) but less so for others (eg shops).  If your pricing structure is very complex, it may be best to give an overview.

If you do include prices, you should review them regularly to ensure that they haven't changed.


15. Do you want your business address to be displayed?
In most cases a business address should be included but it may be inappropriate for security reasons or if you operate an activity from your home address.


16. Social Media
If you use them, supply the URL of the following systems. 


17. Type of business