WWPC Dog Fouling Survey
Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council would like to know what you think about the issue of dog-fouling in the village. Please fill in this short survey. There is no need to supply contact details unless you wish to. Your views will be very helpful in planning the 'Spring offensive' campaign, which runs from May 1 - June 10, and in future anti dog-fouling activity. The closing date is April 21 2017.

1. How serious is the problem of dog-fouling in Wellesbourne and Walton, in your view?


2. How often do you see unbagged dog waste that has been left?


3. How often do you see discarded bags of dog waste?


4. Where in Wellesbourne and Walton are the worst places for dog waste? (please tick as many as apply)


5. Would you speak to someone if you saw them not pick up after their dog?


6. If people don't pick up after their dog, why do you think this is?


7. What do you think would solve the problem?


8. Are you a dog owner?


9. Do you have any suggestions/comments to improve the problem of dog fouling in the Parish?


10. Would you like to help in the campaign? If so please leave contact details