GoToWebinar Booking Form - Part 1

**This booking form is for RSC Local Sections and Interest Groups only**

The information you provide here will be used to schedule your webinar and generate a bespoke registration page. Once complete, a member of the Networks team will schedule your meeting and send you the registration link to distribute to your members.

Please note our online event FAQ guide contains answers to common questions from committee members when planning, hosting or promoting online events.

Webinars often work better with more than one person behind the screen. This can be an organiser and presenter (i.e. a chair and a speaker), or a whole panel - read this blog article about the power of a panel discussion in a live webinar. You can find many other articles on the GoToWebinar blog, including tips for scheduling your webinar or choosing an engaging title.

You can also engage your audience with a number of optional features (videos, polls, handouts, etc.). If you would like to add these to your webinar, please complete GoToWebinar Booking Form Part 2: Additional Features. You can find this link and additional resources on the Useful Forms and Documents page.

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If you are new to the member networks GoToWebinar account, we will share the login details with you before your webinar. If you have not received the login details within 48 hours of your event, please contact
Scheduling your webinar
The following information is essential to book your webinar.

Do you want to split your event into multiple webinars?
We can set up a recurring GoToWebinar event so that your audience only have to register once for separate sessions. You can learn more about recurring webinars in our FAQ guide for planning online member network events. The Networks team will work with you to find availability for your sessions.

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Panellists can be added to help support the webinar. They will be able to:
• Share their webcam
• Speak
• Answer questions

Creating your registration page
The information you provide here will be used to create the bespoke registration page for your webinar:

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A member of the Networks team will share your registration link so that you can promote your webinar to your members. We will also promote member network webinars internally to relevant staff members in events, communications and publishing.


This text will be included in the registration page and invitation for the webinar.  Please state if you will be recording the meeting in the description invitation, and tell delegates at the start of the meeting you are recording the session, including the questions. 


Feature Image (optional)

It is possible to add a Feature Image to your webinar. This will appear on your registration page and at the bottom of the confirmation email.

If you would like to add an image, please upload it here. This must be a jpeg, gif or png file no larger than 200 x 200 pixels and 100KB in size.

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Welcome message (optional)

When an attendee arrives, this message will be displayed in the chat box:

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After your event
The Networks team will prepare a report of your attendance and engagement. This will include a breakdown of registrations per country and information about those who registered, attended, and watched the recording after the webinar.

We will try to prepare these reports weekly, however please note that there may be delays given the high volume of events. If you have not received a report and would like one, please let us know.

Your webinar will be recorded automatically. After your live webinar the recording will be available to view to
(a) people who registered but missed the live recording, and
(b) people who register after the event. 

Do you want the recording to be available after the webinar? Do you want us to promote the recording?

Please let us know how you would like us to proceed:


Do you have any comments or suggestions for the Networks team?