GoToWebinar Booking Form - Part 1

The information you provide here will be used to schedule your webinar and generate a bespoke registration page.

We will tailor the page to you by using your group's logo. Once complete, a member of the Networks team will schedule your meeting and send you the registration link to distribute to your members.

You can also complement your webinar with a number of optional features (videos, polls, handouts, etc.) by completing GoToWebinar Booking Form Part 2: Additional Features. You can find this and additional resources at

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Booking your webinar
The following information is essential to book your webinar.

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Panellists can be added to help support the webinar. They will be able to:
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• Answer questions

Read this blog article about the power of a panel discussion in a live webinar.

Creating your registration page
The information you provide here will be used to create the bespoke registration page for your webinar.

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It is possible to add a Feature Image to your webinar. This will appear on your registration page and in the bottom of the confirmation email.

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A member of the Networks team will share your registration link so that you can promote your webinar to your members. We will also promote member network webinars internally to relevant staff members in events, communications and publishing.

Please let us know if you do not wish for us to promote your webinar to RSC staff.


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