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Deep soil aeration 
To improve deep rooting
Reduce waterlogging
Encourage deeper rooting by reducing water-logging through improved drainage
Deep root varieties
Compare different varieties for deep rooting on deep soils
Soil cultivations 
Compare different cultivation/subsoil management to improve establishment and deep rooting
Encourage deep rooting by increasing abundance of deep burrowing earthworms
Crop momentum 
Developing crop momentum by targeted variety, seed rate and repeated nutrition applications
Optimised crop structure
Using variety/seed rate/sowing date & N timings to achieve early biomass and canopy
Spring soil aeration 
Use a grassland aerator or mechanical weeder in direct drilled crops
Spring potash 
Meet in-season spring peak demand for K
Spring molasses 
To improve sink strength and/or soil health in early/late spring
Spring phosphates (soil or folia) 
Soil applied phosphates to increase supplies where soil levels are poor.
Amino acids in cereals 
Amino acids applied in autumn/spring to improve crop to increase sink strength
Canopy longevity 
Encourage canopy longevity through little & often nutrition & protection
Complete nutrition
Field specific early, late and zero applications of micronutrients
Cross drilling OSR
Optimised plant spacing to maximise light capture
Winter OSR mowing to reduce CSFB 
December/January mowing of oilseed rape to remove CSFB from stems.
OSR Magnesium 
Bitter salts (magnesium) applied at flowering to prolong canopy
Cover crops and manures
Organic matterial to improve soil health

Benefits of Controlled Traffic Farming
What are the gains and losses in yield across CTF?
None of the above
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