Diversity Mentoring Scheme Application 2018/2019


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6. Do you require any additional support e.g. due to a disability, to take part in the Diversity Mentoring Scheme? *


7. Please reflect and tell us why you are applying to participate in the Diversity Mentoring Scheme (minimum 100 words - maximum 200 words) *


8. Please explain how you think being given this opportunity will help your personal and professional development? (minimum 100 words - maximum 200 words) NOTE: The answers you give to questions 7 and 8 will be key to the selection process, so please provide full and well thought out answers. *


9. Please state 3 goals or topics you would like help from your mentor with *


10. Should you be successful at application form stage, you must attend a training session to be able to take part in the scheme. Please select which dates you can attend from the below options. (You can select all dates if you are available for them; you will only be invited to the training session once.) *