Young People and Mental Health


1. Do you attend:


2. Do you identify as:


3. Your age:


4. Do you think mental health education should be taught in school?


5. Do you feel comfortable talking about your mental health?


6. If your friend was self-harming, would you speak to anyone about it?


7. If you were struggling with your mental health, would you know where to go?


8. Do you feel you understand what mental health is?


9. Have you used mental health services in the past/ are currently using mental health services?


10. If so, was the service you used clear and concise?


11. What has worked well for you in terms of any mental health services you have accessed?


12. What changes would you like to see in mental health services?


13. Have you heard of The Source website?


14. Have you heard of the Emotional Wellbeing Hub?


15. If you would like to be involved with service change and redesign, leave your email and we will get in touch regarding future opportunities