What do you want in cohousing and what can you bring to this cohousing project? 2020


1. Welcome to our little survey - and "thank you" in advance!
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To help us understand more about what you need or envisage for the Sussex Cohusing (SuCo) project and what you could bring to it.

Please fill out the following questionnaire.There are 11 questions, most of them tick-boxes. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes in total. Your answers to these questions will really help renew what a SuCo project could look and feel like, whilst also providing important data to help us crunch some complex sums and explore a variety of potential scenarios.

Your answers will remain anonymous and will not automatically select you for or deselect you from the project - we're simply trying to get up to date on the levels of interest in a cohousing project.
So, thank you in advance and we hope you enjoy considering the following questions...

1. Which of these cohousing community locations is preferable, acceptable and unacceptable to you?

Rural - near a village
Rural - part of a village
Outskirts of a town
Centre of a town
Outskirts of a city (suburban)
Centre of a city

2. What would be your preferred community size? *


3. What would be your tenure preference for a property in a cohousing community? *


4. What would be preferable, acceptable and unacceptable for you (and your household) to live in? *

Share house
Cohousing community

5. How many people are in your household?