Questionnare to Measure the Level of Satisfaction of the Relevant Entities with the Annual Statistical Report of the Insurance Authority
Kindly fill out this survey objectively in order to identify the degree of satisfaction of the relevant entities with the Annual Report for the Insurance Sector of the U.A.E., knowing that it will set up a statistical study and analysis of the results of this survey to development the next Annual Reports which will reflect positively on achieving your satisfaction

1. Name of Company: *


2. Questions *

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1) There are overall satisfactions with the Annual Report
2) The Annual Report provides you with all aspects of insurance
3) Tables and data presented in the report are adequate
4) The level of accuracy of data and tables are high and good
5) The design of the report was appropriate
6) There is development in the contents and design of the report

3. Please tell us if you have any comments or suggestions to improve the Annual Report to make it more useful and informative:-