Funding the Future: Your Story


1. Funding the Future: Your Story

Many of you will have contributed to the NGA and Tes survey, which asks some questions about the financial position of your school or group of schools. Alongside this quantitative data, NGA would like to collect in-depth stories which demonstrate the real-life consequences of the decisions some governing boards are having to take to balance the budget. Examples of the impact of funding pressures on schools are extremely valuable in communicating the issues to a wider audience and will be used by NGA to support our campaign for more school funding: see the Funding the Future campaign page ( and NGA’s 9 asks for more information. If you are willing to share information about the impact of funding pressures on your school, please fill in this brief survey. You can respond anonymously or provide contact details.

1. What is your role on the governing board?


2. Which phase(s) and/or type(s) of school do you govern? If you are on the governing board of a multi-academy trust or federation, please select all that apply.


Approximately how many pupils are in your school?