MiBudi P&G Sept 2018


1. I consent to completing the MiBudi survey and understand that information collected is for market research purposes only.


2. How many Primary School children do you have? *


3. Where is your Primary School located? *


4. Are mobile phones permitted in your child's Primary School? *


5. Would you agree that there is a gap in the market for a device that safely allows parents to communicate with primary school children (P4 to P7)? *


6. What price range would you expect to find such a device in? *


7. Would you like to be entered for a chance to win a Let's Go Hydro Aqua Park Ticket? (New 2019 Season with 10 vouchers to be won!) *


8. ‘MiBudi’ is a school friendly child messaging system with personal alarm - designed for use before and after school. Would you like to be added to a MiBudi pre-order mail list to find out more? *


9. Any comments/questions?