Malvern Hills adopt a street pledge


Your pledge

Please read the following commitments of the pledge:
  • I pledge to pick this area at least three times a year
  • I will follow all health and safety guidance issued by Malvern Hills District Council while undertaking litter picks
  • I understand and agree that Malvern Hills District Council is not responsible for any injury sustained while litter picking as part of this scheme
  • I understand adopting the above area does not give me/us any legal claims to land ownership and I/we have no legal responsibilities or obligations towards the upkeep of the land
  • I understand I am being asked to commit to being part of the scheme for a minimum of one year but I can opt out of the scheme at anytime by emailing Any litter picking equipment provided will need to be returned.
  • I agree to dispose of all litter collected in accordance with the law and the rules of the scheme namely:
Litter collected will be placed in sacks and then into my own wheeled bin or if collecting a large volume of litter, collection arrangements will be made by contacting

In return for my commitment Malvern Hills District Council will:
  • Provide free of charge the appropriate equipment to allow me to undertake litter picking consisting of safety gloves, tabard, litter picker and collection sacks (limited to 10 sets if a community group).
  • Provide a means for any litter picked up to be collected
  • Provide appropriate health and safety guidance
  • Offer to promote your litter pick or participation in the scheme should you consent to do so
We confirm that we will hold your data in accordance with current data protection legislation.  Your personal data will only be held for the purpose of retaining records in relation to the litter picking adopt a street pledge and will not be used for any other purpose.  It will not be shared with any other 3rd party. If you chose to opt out of the scheme, your data will be deleted.  For further information about how the Council looks after your personal data please visit:

By filling in your details below and taking the pledge you agree that you understand and consent to all of the above.