Member Networks Annual Report 2019

In line with the rules for member networks, all member networks (Local Sections, Interest Groups and Division Regions) are asked to submit an Annual Report each year.

Please complete this form by Monday 24 February 2020.

This report has four parts:
  • Committee information
  • Events that took place in 2019
  • Member recognition
  • Events planned for 2020
You can save the report at any time and complete your responses at a later date by hitting the Save and Continue button below. Upon completion, you will receive an automatically generated pdf of your responses for your records.
Why do we need the Annual Report?

Each year the RSC provides over £300,000 in grants across our member networks, and through this volunteer-led activity this equates to a substantial amplification in our reach and impact aligned to the RSC’s charitable purposes.

The Annual Report enables us to measure and quantify this reach and impact, and to identify mechanisms of support for our member network committees.

The information you provide in these reports is therefore used in the following ways:
  • To identify common themes where we can improve the support and resources provided to you
  • To demonstrate and report how our grants and networks are contributing to our charitable aims (such as in our trustees’ report to the Charity Commission, to the Member Communities Board, or to potential funders and partners)
  • To promote to existing and potential members the breadth and quality of our community-led activities
  • To identify practical challenges experienced by volunteer-led committees and any gaps in our offer to all our members

Who will see the information in the Annual Report?

Your report will be uploaded to your webpage so that it can be shared with the members of your network.

Staff will also prepare a digest of all member network activities using information taken from all of the annual reports and share this with appropriate staff and governance boards and committees, including Division Councils.