Black Diamond Gentlemen's Club - Customer Satisfaction
This survey consists of 10 questions related to your visit to Black Diamond Gentlemen's Club. We appreciate you honesty and time spent answering the questions.

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2. When visiting Black Diamond, were you pleased with the level of service you received?


3. The attitude and general demeanour of the staff overall was excellent:


4. I felt the time that I needed to wait for my order to be taken was acceptable:


5. Out of the following list of attributes, which do you feel the staff possessed most?


6. When visiting Black Diamond, were you satisfied with the appearance of the dancers?


7. I felt the time that was spent with me in my dance was acceptable for what I paid:


8. On a level of 1-5, What would you rate the following;

1 (Terrible)23 (Satisfactory)45 (Excellent)
Cleanliness (bar/seating area)
Cleanliness (toilets)
Service from reception
Service from waiter/waitress
Service from management
Quality of dance received

9. How did you hear about Black Diamond Gentlemen's Club?


10. Are you likely to visit us again in the future?


11. Overall, Do you have any suggestions or comments to make about your visit to Black Diamond?