Better broadband for Bristol - business / organisation views
1. Could faster better broadband help your business? Give us your views!
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Bristol City Council wants to work with telecoms providers to deliver more choice for faster broadband to local businesses and organisations. Broadband has a vital and growing importance for Bristol's economy and the views of Bristol businesses and organisations, large and small, will help the city bid for new funding for faster broadband.

Businesses / organisations need better choice in broadband

Many businesses in the city still lack choice in their broadband offer with dedicated lease lines often their only option in accessing faster broadband speeds. Whilst lease lines are suitable for many businesses, some smaller businesses seek greater choice in their broadband and options to suit their budgets. The government is offering funding to telecoms providers to extend full fibre networks and we also expect new incentives for businesses looking to upgrade to faster speeds.     

Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey and help us make the case for better broadband in Bristol. We can also let you know about new UK Gov financial incentives to help your business go faster.

Who should respond

  • All Bristol businesses from sole traders working at home to our largest companies.  
  • Organisations in the voluntary and community sector

Please share with other businesses and organisations 

This is business and organisation survey. If you are a Bristol resident, please complete our residential broadband survey.