Investing in council homes consultation survey


Investment options

Please help us shape priorities for investing in Bristol’s council housing over the next 30 years. It's important that we understand your views on the priorities for investment and how you feel we should pay for them.

We are asking your views on specific areas which are additional to the cost of providing council homes to an acceptable standard. This means that we have excluded areas which are needed to deliver a day-to-day housing service and to make sure homes meet regulatory guidelines such as decent homes or fire safety guidelines.

Your answers will help Bristol City Council plan the budget for council homes for the next 30 years. The consultation ends on 3 December and the responses will be taken into consideration in developing final proposals by both Cabinet and Council Members when making their decision. The final decision on the HRA 30 year budget will be made at a full council meeting in February 2022. 

1. How important is it that we spend more on looking after our blocks, communal areas and estates?

Blocks, communal areas and estates investment includes any work on the external fabric of the blocks and internal decorating to communal areas as well as landscaping, painting the exterior of the block or redecorating the entrance area.


2. How important is it that we spend more on additional services for tenants?

Additional services for tenants is an offer to tenants who need help with maintaining their gardens, decorating, or some odd jobs in the home. For example, painting the interior of a flat.


3. How important is it that we spend more on kitchens?

Spending more on kitchens would result in us replacing kitchens more regularly than we do at the moment. At the moment we do it every 25 years, an increase in the budget would mean we can do them more regularly.


4. How important is it that we spend more on bathrooms?

Spending more on bathrooms would allow us to offer replacement modern bathrooms (with showers, flooring and tiling) on a planned programme, instead of waiting for baths, toilets and sinks to need repairing.


5. How important is it that we spend more on energy efficiency and achieving/ being carbon neutral?

This includes making our homes more efficient, for example through better insulation and work to reduce demand for fuel. It also includes the potential to transition from gas heating to electric and renewable sources in response to our targets to improve energy efficiency in our homes and be carbon neutral by 2030.


6. How important is it that we spend more on building new council homes?

Spending more on building new council homes would allow us to build or buy new council homes. This would allow us to help answer the need for additional affordable housing, set against the backdrop of losing stock through right to buy and the overall need for c2,000 new homes per year in Bristol.


7. Please put all these areas where we could invest more in to priority order, with one being the most important and six the least. (Please drag and drop to put each one in order of importance)