LAC and Leaving Care Survey


Dear all

We are planning some changes to the way the social work teams work within our Corporate Parenting Service (Children Looked After and Care Leaver service), including creating additional support teams to work with our social workers, practitioners and Personal Advisors. The new look service will launch in the spring of 2021. I know that many of you have had strong views about what we should call our teams, and that the In Care Council gave us a great deal of feedback previously about some of the language we use. I can’t promise to make all the changes raised, but more recently the In Care Council raised again that the name of the teams is not always helpful to all.

As such, we want you all to be the ones to choose the names of the teams. We have two options for you to consider, one with new names, one which reflects current team names – it is now up to you with Senior Leaders agreeing that the names of the teams will be whatever you all decide to pick.

We are also planning to change the name of the passport to independence. The Passport to Independence is a way of ensuring that every Norfolk Child/Young Person experiencing care develops the independence, knowledge and skills needed when they move into independence. The booklet acts as a recording document for Foster Carers, residential staff, Supervising Social Workers, accountable Social Workers and Leaving Care Personal Advisors. Some Children and Young People enjoy completing it themselves with the help of their Carers and Workers.

However, feedback had been received around the Passport to Independence from Norfolk in-care Council (NiCC) groups and because of this a survey was created to see what others thought about it and what they thought could make it better. Various changes are going to be made to the Passport to Independence based on the Survey results and NICC recommendations. With these changes the working group would also like to change the name of the Passport to Independence and want to know what you think would be a good new name. The name with the most votes will be the new name for the booklet.

I am excited to hear your views!

Kate Dexter
Assistant Director Children’s Social Care (Corporate Parenting)