Researching Historic Crime in the Digital Age

1. Permission
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Thank-you for taking the time to participate in this survey. 

By participating in this survey you will be assisting with my PhD at the University of Sheffield. My research explores how digital records are impacting our understanding of the history of crime.  You will find more information about my research at 

This survey is designed to learn about your research methodology and your use of archives/online resources.  

The survey is anonymous.  

This project has received ethics approval from the University of Sheffield. If any of the questions cause you any emotional distress, you can withdraw from this survey at any time. This is done simply by closing the survey window. By closing the window you will remove yourself from the research, none of your responses will have been saved.  You may also skip any of the questions. 

Any data obtained during the process will only be handled by the researchers. No personal data is required that would reveal the identity of the participant and full anonymity is ensured throughout the survey and in data collection.

If you have any queries about your participation in this research, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You may also contact my supervisor, Professor Robert Shoemaker if you have any concerns regarding the project. 

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