eMerchant SCA readiness survey (August)

Survey to understand eMerchant readiness for SCA

This survey is addressed to merchants with an online presence (selling goods and/or services online). If you have already received the survey from a trade association or your payment service provider (otherwise referred to as your payment gateway or acquirer) and responded to the survey, there is no need to take any further action.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new set of rules that will change how a customer confirms their identity when making purchases online.

This could mean their bank or provider using a number of ways to verify a purchase or login such as a passcode via text message, receiving a phone call to a landline, a card reader or using an app on a smartphone.

SCA is being introduced to help further reduce fraud. With increasing amounts of purchases being made online, these new rules will provide the extra protections necessary to ensure that customers are safe when purchasing online and their money is better protected.

Despite the best efforts of the payments and retail sectors, there have been a number of setbacks in the introduction of these new rules, including insufficient or delayed availability of technological solutions, and low awareness among industry participants. To avoid widescale disruption to ecommerce, UK Finance has led a managed rollout programme to help support the industry.

The request
To ensure an orderly transition to the new rules, we have put a few questions together to help understand the state of merchant readiness. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete (6 questions). You may wish to refer the survey to the most appropriate person within your organisation.

How will your data be treated?
Upon receipt, all responses will be aggregated and anonymised to understand the state of readiness across all responders. The aggregated responses may be used within industry level discussions to further support coordination of activities as we prepare for the new rules. No responders will be identifiable within such discussions.

The current survey will close on Sunday, 16 August 2021. We will be conducting this survey monthly to track industry readiness. To track changes in the state of readiness in the UK, we would welcome your participation in future monthly surveys.

Click here for more information on SCA.

If you have any questions about this survey or SCA, please email us at SCAPMO@ukfinance.org.uk