What is the purpose of the survey?
This survey is being carried out by
TRL (the Transport Research Laboratory) to aid our understanding of whether motorcyclists purchase helmets that are the best fit. By completing this survey you will provide valuable data which will allow TRL to explore motorcycle helmet fit and potential factors that may influence the quality of this fit.

How long will the survey take?
Please take time to answer the questions as accurately as possible. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.
You will find it useful to have your helmet with you when completing the survey.

Will I need to provide any personal data?
You will not be asked to provide any personal data as part of this survey - you will not be personally identifiable from your responses. All survey data will be stored securely and deleted after three years.

What if I have any questions before taking part?
You can email
investigations@trl.co.uk if you would like any additional information before taking part. (Please only use this email address to ask for additional information before taking the survey. You can provide any additional feedback at the end of the survey.)

Can I change my mind about taking part?
You can withdraw at any point without giving a reason. To stop your participation at any time, please close the survey. Your responses will be deleted.

Will I be able to see the findings?

At the end of the survey you will be given the option to register to receive the findings report, and to receive information about future TRL research involving motorcycles.

By ticking the box below, you agree to participate in this survey and that:
- You feel sufficiently informed as to the survey's purpose
- You are aware that you are free to withdraw from the survey at any time