Feedback on the proposed new GSS website
Thank you for providing feedback on the new GSS website.

In this survey we will ask you to perform a few brief tasks, navigating the site, and asking you to provide a some brief thoughts on each.

We really appreciate your time and your feedback will be valuable in helping us shape the final version of the site.

Please note: this website is still in Beta and as such certain features or navigation may not be fully functional, and content may still be undergoing review with a view to improving it. 

1. What is your role and connection to the GSS?


What do you use the current GSS website for?


2. Go to the Homepage of the new site.

Is there anything missing that you feel should be here?


3. Try to find a vacancy with Department for International Development, and then all vacancies in London.

How did you find navigating to the vacancies - is there anything that can be improved?


4. Try to find out how to report a breach of the Code of Practice for Statistics.

How easy/difficult was it to find out how to report a breach - could the navigation be improved?


5. Find the GSG Statistician Competency Framework

Is it where you would expect to find it?


6. You want to sign up to receive the GSS newsletter. Try and do this.

How straight forward was it, and was it where you expected to find it?


7. Find the National Statistician's blog.

Is it where you expected?


8. Finally, can you provide some general thoughts about your experience of using the GSS website today?

- What did you like?
- What did you dislike?
- How could the site be improved for you in your role?