International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Pilotage, Towage and Mooring Survey 2016

1. Introduction

Purpose of the Survey

The survey is designed for completion by Bridge Teams and is based on established best practices for pilotage, towing and mooring operations. The aim of the survey is to determine the extent to which best practice in pilotage, towage and mooring is being followed and to highlight any particular:

Examples of very good practice; and

2.      Concerns over the quality of pilotage, towage and mooring services.

Instructions for Completing the Survey

1.      The survey should be completed for a particular port or terminal. If a pilot was not embarked due to an officer holding a valid Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC), then the questions on towage and mooring can still be completed. 
2.      The survey should be completed by Bridge Teams as soon after a port call as possible. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

3.      One response per port or terminal call is requested. There is no need to complete a survey for individual pilotage, towage or mooring operations during the same port or terminal call.

4.      One response per ship is requested. Multiple responses from different members of the Bridge Team for the same port call should be avoided.

5.      Comments boxes are provided with each question. This allows details to be recorded of any particularly significant practices. 

6.      Negative and positive response are encouraged to ensure that an appropriate balance of views is reflected in the final results of the survey.  

Thank you for participating in this survey.

Your feedback is important and responses to the survey will be treated anonymously.