MND Association information sheet range

1. We welcome your views on our MND Association information sheets

The MND Association welcomes your feedback to help improve our information for people with or affected by MND, or Kennedy’s disease. Complete the short questionnaire below and respond to all the questions if you can. Please ensure these views are your own and thank you for your valuable assistance.

Please be aware that your comments may be used as anonymous quotes to support our work, or raise awareness through campaigning or fundraising bids. This can really help to improve understanding and make a difference for all those affected by the condition.

If you need support or wish to contact the Association, email MND Connect on: or call 0808 802 6262

1. Which of the following relates to your interest in our information sheets?


2. Which information sheet are you giving feedback on? (Please give the number and letter, for example 5A.)


3. Please select from the following options for each question:

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5. Do you feel this information will help to provide you (or the person you are caring for) with any of the following? (select all that apply)


6. Is there any aspect you would like covered in more detail, or a new subject you would like included in the range of information sheets?


7. Can you describe how this information has helped you? (For example, in accessing support, making an informed decision or finding ways to adapt.)


8. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about this information sheet?

Thank you for your assistance.

If you would like further guidance and support, please contact our MND Connect helpline:
Telephone:   0808 802 6262