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3. Are you aware of the changes in the law under GDPR effective from May 25 2018 ?


4. Were you aware that from May 25 2018 an organisation can be fined 4% of turnover and / or be compelled to cease all data processing activities by the ICO ?


5. Have you registered and maintained your registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)?


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7. Do you collect any data on individuals which you store on a computer ?


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10. Can you describe the legal basis under the Data Protection Act for the collection and processing of the personal data ?


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14. Do you maintain an accurate record of the purposes for which the above personal data is processed ?


15. Please indicate if any (or all) of the following types of personal and sensitive personal data are collected and stored either by your organisation or outsourced to a third party on your behalf.


16. Do you collect data on anyone under the age of 16 ?


17. Does your business have clear written policies on personal data, digital intellectual property and related infrastructure issues ?


18. Do you have a regularly updated privacy notice ?


19. Do you have a written contract with your data processor (hosting company who stores your data) which includes appropriate security measures against hacking and accidental loss or destruction ?


20. Is any of the data stored outside the European Economic Area ?


21. Do you have a process in place to deal with subject access requests to meet your obligations under the Data Protection Act and GDPR ?


22. Do you have plans and processes in place to manage individual rights in respect of personal data such as the correction of inaccuracies, erasure, prevention of direct marketing, prevention of automated decision taking and profiling and data portability ?


23. Does your business or activity deploy, or intend to deploy, artificial intelligence or robotic process automation which involves automated decision taking which impacts on a data subject ?


24. Do you have a plan in place to detect, report and investigate a cyber breach or data loss ?


25. Do you comply with relevant legislation such as the Data Protection Act / GDPR and follow guidance from the ICO ?


26. Do you implement Data Protection by design ?


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28. Are you compliant with the 8 data protection principles ?


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