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Economic Recovery Plan Consultation

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions have had a significant impact on every aspect of society, with the response to this bringing a significant challenge to the economic well-being of the Borough. We know that recovery will be a lengthy process and we will face many challenges along the way.

St Helens Borough Council has led the COVID-19 response locally and by working with many different agencies has already done a great deal to help businesses and residents to weather the storm. We are now putting in place our plans for the short to medium term recovery of the local economy and we are pleased to launch the St Helens Economic Recovery Consultation to seek the views of our residents and partners.

The purpose of the Economic Recovery plan is to set out the actions underway or planned to support the local economy to recover and rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis and adapt to changing conditions. The draft Economic Recovery Plan outlines the key challenges we face as a Borough and offers priorities and future direction on how we tackle these difficult issues.

We cannot do this alone and we ask our residents, partners and stakeholders to help guide and support us and offer their views on the key matters affecting our Borough. 

View the Action Plan and Roadmap to Recovery.
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