GoToMeeting Booking Form

1. GoToMeeting Booking Form

GoToMeeting is an online platform that can be used to hold virtual meetings, making your meetings more accessible.

If you would like to use GoToMeeting for your committee meeting, or in conjunction with a physical meeting, please complete the below survey and a member of the Networks Team will be happy to help.  

Please tell delegates at the start of the meeting if you are recording the session, including the questions. 

Please see our online event FAQ guide for answers to common questions from committees when planning, hosting or promoting online events.

1. Name of network *


2. Title of meeting *


3. Date of the meeting *


4. Proposed time of the meeting *


5. Organiser name *


6. Organiser email address *


7. Toll-free numbers

All attendees will have the option of dialling using their computer mic and speakers (VoIP), or by telephone.

We are able to provide toll-free numbers for the countries listed. Please mark which countries your attendees will be accessing the meeting from and we will provide you with the dial in details for those countries.

Please do not select all countries unless you believe that this is necessary.


8. Have you used the Networks GoToMeeting account before?

If this is your first GoToMeeting we will send you all of the information you need to host your meeting. *