Effects of Covid-19 On Mental Health. Healthwatch Slough

1. During the Covid-19 crisis have you contacted someone for help and support for your mental health?


2. Since Covid-19 started do you feel that your mental health/well being has been affected?


3. Does staying at home being isolated make you feel sad and/or upset?


4. Lockdown and self-isolation has affected people in lots of different ways. Thinking about your experience, tick the boxes that describe your feelings over the past few months.


5. Since the start of Covid-19 do you feel you have been bullied online in any way?


6. Have you been diagnosed with or do you have an existing mental health condition?


7. If you are living with a mental health condition, do you feel it has worsened during the Covid-19 crisis?


8. Thinking about your finances, have you experienced increased stress (as an effect of Covid-19?)


9. Which age group are you?


10. Who do you live with?


11. Are you a carer for someone who is vulnerable, elderly or with has disability


12. What is your ethnic background?


13. If you would like support, information or advice on health and care in Slough please enter your email address and we will contact you.