SSCG Application for Advance of Pay


1. Application for advance of Pay Criteria
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1. An Employee must have completed at least a minimum of six consecutive (6) months as a paid employee before qualifying for a loan
2. All loan applications must be on the prescribed Loan Application Forms.
3. All loan applications must be accompanied with the member’s current pay-slip and where applicable,
4. Top-up request applications shall only be allowed 3 months after the previous loans have been settled in full and no missed payment have occurred
5. Employees shall not be allowed to apply for more than 3 loan(s) in 1 financial year spaced at least 4 months apart.
6. The finance department shall always advise the Payroll on the respective member’s deductions and effective date
7. An employee may at any one time only receive more than one (1) loan of no more the 50% of the average fortnightly wage at a time.
8. Employees are only eligible for a loan application if they have not been sick for 4 months prior to requesting the loan. *


The following member of staff has requested an advance of Salary *


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6. Please state the reason for the advance *