The Global Recruiter Technology Survey 2018

Welcome to The Global Recruiter Technology Survey 2018. This survey follows on from the study we carried out last year. Some of the following questions build on the information we gathered then, some reflects new trends within the sector. The information you give us in this survey will be used by us to better understand the state of play of technology in the recruitment industry. This in turn will be used in The Global Recruiter Magazine Technology Special published in September. The information may also be used to inform organisations and interested parties in the recruitment industry to better serve the sector. In short, this isn't only about understanding what's happening in recruitment technology now, it's about enabling the industry to get better tools and make better use of technology in the future. Closing date for the survey is August 10, please complete your entry now for the chance to win dinner for two at The Shard, London.

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1. What technology do you use? (Tick as many as apply - including functions held within single solutions) *


2. Who are your current technology providers? Please list these below *


3. Thinking about your last purchase, what was the biggest factor in making that purchase? *


4. What would be your primary reason for changing or adding to your existing technology? *


5. Do you collect and analyse data from your systems? *


6. Do you use AI technology in your business? *


7. Do you use chatbots in your business? *


8. Do you operate 'Bring Your Own Device' in your business? *


9. Do you use Software as a Service? *


10. Are your systems available to consultants outside the office wherever they may be? *


11. Right now, are you GDPR compliant? *


12. Have you had to carry out additional admin work or incurred costs due to the GDPR? *


13. On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being easy and 5 being very difficult: *

How easy is it for new consultants to use your technology?
How easy do you think it would be to change your technology?
How easy is it for you to tailor your technology to changing business needs?
How easy is it for you to get management/strategic information out of your system?

14. On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being very confident and 5 being not very confident: *

How confident are you that your technology is working at maximum efficiency?
How confident are you that the data from your technology is accurate and up to date?
How confident are you that your technology will work consistently for your consultants all day every day?

15. What would make your relationship with technology easier? *


16. Which of these two statements do you agree with more: *