5 ways we help regions and cities across the EU - quiz


1. Compared to 40% in the US and over 50% in Japan, what percentage of the population aged 25-34 has a university degree in the European Union?


2. The European Investment Bank is… (select all that apply)


3. Which of the following is currently not a key priority for the European Investment Bank, the EU bank?


4. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU…


5. What is the typical way for SMEs looking for finance to access EIB Group offer?


6. Which of the following is not part of the EIB Group product range for small businesses?


7. According to the EIB expert, what is the most frequent natural disaster we see in Europe as a result of climate change?


8. All of these statements apply to the European Fund for Strategic Investments… with one exception. Which one is incorrect?


9. What services does URBIS, the new dedicated urban advisory platform, provide? (select all that apply)