Newcastle City Centre User Survey – 2016 Self Completion

Travelling to Newcastle City Centre


Newcastle City Council are carrying out a survey about how people travel into the city centre and what they do when they are there.

This survey is ideally designed to be completed at, or following a visit to, Newcastle city centre.

The survey will not take long to complete and all of the information we collect will be kept securely and in the strictest confidence.  It will not be possible to identify any particular individual from the results. Everyone who takes part has the opportunity to be entered into a draw to win prizes including a bike and shopping vouchers.

The study will be used to help improve the city centre for everyone who uses it.

So firstly, how often do you go into Newcastle city centre by each of the following types of transport? 

 First visit here 5 or more days a week 3 or 4 days a week 2 days a week Once a week Once a fortnight About once a month Less than once a month Never

And what type of transport will/did you use to travel to and from Newcastle city centre today?