National Careers Service - Feedback Survey

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I am clear about how the service can help me CQ2 *


I was clear about my career plans at the start of the careers advice session


The location and time for the session were convenient and appropriate for me


Did you have a group session or a one-to-one appointment?


My adviser asked me about the help I needed and understood how to help me CQ3


My adviser put me at ease CQ4


I was given information that was clear, impartial and met my needs CQ5


I feel that the adviser understood the issues that are important to me CQ6


My adviser told me about other organisations who can help me CQ7


I have a personal action plan of the steps I need to take to move on into employment, training or further study CQ8


After seeing my adviser I am feeling more motivated and confident about my career plans CQ9


I now have the skills to manage my career


The following information was given to me or used during my careers advice session (please tick as many as apply) CQ1

YesNoNot Sure
National Careers Service website
Skills Health Check
Mid-Life Career Review
Job search websites
Handouts/information to take away
Information on the National Careers Service (e.g. leaflet)
Other (please specify):

Please confirm the name of your adviser. You will find his/her name at the bottom of your Skills Action Plan


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If appropriate I would recommend this service to a friend CQ10


The service would have been even better if: