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1. OHA Online Application
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  Application Procedure
1) Complete the Application Form
The student is to personally fill in all data requested on the application form. (Parents must complete the health inventory and agreement.) Answers should be complete, thorough and legible.

2) Read Student Handbook and Sign Application
Both the student and a parent should read the student handbook and then sign and date the application form. (Downloadable from ouachitahillsacademy.org >future students/admissions>application procedure)

3) Arrange for 3 Student Reference Forms to be Sent
Have the following complete a Student Reference Form. (Do not include them with your application form.) 
a) A principal or recent school teacher
b)Your local pastor
c) An adult friend who has known you for over a year (not a relative)

4) Include Copy of Transcript and Grades
An official primary school grade report and/or high school transcript along with the most recent report card should be submitted. Home Schooled students must complete the “Home School Credit Sheet” downloadable from ouachitahillsacademy.org >future students/admissions>application procedure>homeschool student credits form. A Transcript Request Form is also available online.

5) Complete Standardized Testing and Submit Scores
Home schooled students and those coming from non-accredited schools must submit recent standardized test scores (i.e. Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the SAT10, etc.). Students coming from accredited schools may omit this step with submission of an official school transcript. Suggested resources: http://www.setontesting.com/ or http://www.shopchristianliberty.com/testing-service/

6) Attach a small portrait photo to the Application Form

7) Include the $10 Application Processing Fee

Call the business office to pay the $10 Application Processing Fee.

8) Mail, Fax or E-mail the Health Inventory A, B, C Forms, Transcript Request Form, and Homeschool Credits Form To:
Office of the Registrar
Ouachita Hills Academy
P. O. Box 35 Amity, AR 71921
Fax: (870) 342-9569
Email: registrar@ouachitahillsacademy.org
Your application will be processed after we have received each of the completed items requested above.
The Admissions Committee is anxious to help you in any way.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact the registrar at registrar@ouachitahillsacademy.org
or call (870) 342-6210 ext. 228.