Plant trade survey

Some of the greatest threats to our nation’s trees result from the introduction and spread of exotic pests and pathogens through plant imports and other infested material. The PHYTO-THREATS project ( aims to deliver an evidence base for the potential future development of a UK-wide nursery assurance-type scheme designed to promote best practice in order to reduce the risks of importation and spread of tree diseases. A voluntary, consumer and stakeholder-led scheme such as this will complement current political and policy interests aimed at protecting UK forests and woodlands. Important to this area of work will be the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders (nursery managers, garden centres, landscapes, consumers and other bodies) since criteria for the nursery assurance scheme will be partly informed by stakeholder and consumer attitudes. This survey will be used to improve our understanding of the supply chain; the perceived benefits (or not) of an assurance scheme; the basis of these attitudes (e.g. experiences of pests and diseases; use of measures for managing tree disease); the willingness to pay extra or to travel further to buy accredited products. We thank you in advance for contributing to this research.

1. What best describes your role in the tree/plant supply chain?