Welcome to our system for applying for exemptions from the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) 2000.

Applicants should read the guidance information on this exemption on GOV.UK [opens in a new window] before starting their application. 

Using the survey system

When using the survey system use the buttons within the survey only - using the back button on your browser will invalidate your response.

Print or save a copy of your application

When you get to the end of this questionnaire, you will be offered the chance to either print or save a copy of your application for your records. This option appears after you press 'Submit your response'.

Save and continue option

You have an option to 'save and continue' your response at any time. If you do that you will be sent a link via email to allow you to continue your response where you left off.

It's very important that you enter your correct email address if you choose to save and continue. If you make a mistake in the email address you won't receive the link you need to complete your response.

Accessibility statement

Read our accessibility statement for SmartSurvey forms (opens in a new window).

Data protection regulations

The personal data and other information you provide will be used only in relation to the handling of your application. Information will be passed to the relevant part of DfT and may be shared with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain (OTC) as necessary for processing and potential enforcement.

We require your:

  • company name and operator licence number, for identification
  • authorised contact details of name, telephone, email, postal address and postcode, for contact and certificate delivery
  • the type of exemption being applied for, for identification and if rail related those company details to confirm your contractual obligations
  • coach fleet size in total and split, for calculation of the appropriate exemption fleet numbers, regarding the number of:
    - compliant coaches
    - partially compliant coaches 
    - non-compliant coaches

Where the request is for the central DfT to respond to, your data will be held for at least 5 years and then, under normal circumstances, deleted. It will only be kept for longer where it is necessary in connection with an ongoing issue. Where your request is for a DfT Executive Agency to respond to, your data will be held in accordance with that body's retention policy.

SmartSurvey hosts this form on behalf of DfT. Your request and personal data will be sent directly to DfT or the relevant DfT Executive Agency. SmartSurvey does not have access to your personal data.

Further details on DfT's privacy policy [opens in a new window] are available.