Climate Emergency Pledges

1. Background

The Climate Pledges campaign aims to galvanise action from government, business and communities in order to work together to tackle the climate emergency. They aim to show commitment to action in a variety of ways to ensure participation from across society. The pledges already received are set out in Working together to reach Net Zero, published on the 28th October.


1. Name


2. Pledge


3. E-mail address


4. If you are an individual please state if you want to make your pledge anonymous.

  • We will include new pledges in future editions of ‘Working Together to Reach Net Zero: All Wales Plan’.
  • The types of pledges are not restricted not to limit innovation.
  • Pledges can be made via individuals, groups or organisations.
  • We will publish your pledge on the Pledge Wall during climate week.
  • Remember this is your action not what you deliver for others or what you call on others to do