Service Quality Evaluation

Dear Customer,

On behalf of [COMPANY], I would like to thank you for your custom. By giving us just a couple of minutes of your time to share your experience, we can continue to improve our services to you.
As a thank you for your time, we have attached a discount voucher to this survey for [OFFER]. You can download this voucher upon completing the survey.

Yours Sincerely,



1. How would you rate the quality of customer service you received?


2. Were there any particular aspects of the customer service that stood out? If so, what?


3. How would you rate the process of resolving your issue?


4. Were there any particular aspects to this service that stood out? If so, what?


5. The customer service representative was polite.


6. Did any of the following qualities of the customer service representative stand out?


7. Were there any traits of the customer service respresentative that may have upset you? If so, what?


8. My call was handled quickly by the customer sales representative.


9. Which of the following traits, if any, apply to your experience when you called?


10. The customer service


11. I was satisfied with the time it took to address my query


12. I was quickly connected to the relevant service representative


13. How likely are you to replace your product over the next 12 months?