Tenterden Regeneration Project

1. Tenterden Regeneration Project


Tenterden Town Council will receive approximately £3.5 million as a result of selling land for the Tent 1A housing development. More money may be available from payments made by the developers to Ashford Borough Council.

There have been many suggestions for how to spend this money and there are many community groups in Tenterden who have part or fully funded plans or ideas of their own.

The Town Council believes that without planning and coordination, so many separate projects could lead to duplicated and even contradictory facilities. To prevent wasting this once in a lifetime opportunity for the town, the Town Council has created the Tenterden Regeneration Project.

Tenterden Regeneration Project

The Tenterden Regeneration project is a community-led process managed and conducted by independent professionals, The Lipton Group. Through hard copy and digital surveys and face-to-face consultation, the consultants will collect the opinions of every age group, geographic sector and community group in Tenterden.

Initial stakeholder meetings and consultations have been held and the views of over 200 people collected but this is the first survey. It is available both online here and in hard copy from the Town Hall.

The Survey

This survey, the ones that will follow and the consultation sessions that occur are your opportunity to have your say and guide the regeneration of the town. Every view will be considered equally. We have intentionally not included details of each project as at this stage we simply want to determine opinion on the projects 'in principle'. Further surveys and consultation sessions will create a detailed understanding of each project.  

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. 

1. So we know who we have spoken to please tell us your name (please note all personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence)


2. So we know the ages of the people we are talking to....
How old are you?


3. So we know how many males and females we are talking to....
What is your gender?


4. So we understand how close you live to Tenterden....
What is your postcode?


5. Without knowing further details, please rank the following projects in terms of their importance to you (with 1 being the most important and 24 the least)


6. Are there any other projects not mentioned above that you would like the Town Council to consider?


7. How regularly do you use St. Mildred's Church as it is now?


8. How often would you use St Mildred's Church if it was redesigned as a public space?


9. How regularly do you use the Town Hall building as it is now?


10. How often would you use the Town Hall building if it were redesigned as a Community Hub?


11. If money were spent on the leisure centre would you wish to see the current facilities improved or the building extended?


12. If it were extended which facilities would you wish to see added to the leisure centre?


13. If there were a cinema in Tenterden, how often would you expect to use it?


14. Any other comments?