1. Do you have a copy of the lease? *


2. How long is your lease? *


3. Are you aware of the parties to the lease? *


4. Do you know the physical extent of the property? *


5. How well do you understand your rights in relation to common areas in the building? *


6. Do you need to have carpet in the flat? *


7. Are you allowed to have a pet in the flat? *


8. Use of the property *


9. Nuisance *


10. Ground rent *


11. Do you feel you understand the provision in the lease to pay service charges? *


12. Does your lease have a provision for a sinking/reserve fund? *


13. Insurance *


14. Repair and maintenance of the flat *


15. Changes to the flat (alterations and additions) *


16. The landlord’s rights to access the flat *


17. Are you aware of the landlord’s obligation to ensure you have quiet enjoyment over your property and do you know what it means in practice? *


18. The landlord’s obligations to repair and maintain the building *


19. Responsibility for repairing the window frames *


20. What would you do if a neighbour broke a clause of their lease? *


21. What happens if you break a clause of the lease? *


22. Has a fire risk assessment been completed? *