Laptops for Kids - Introduction

Thank you for getting in touch! We are very grateful for your support.

Please complete this form as it will help us to divert your device through the appropriate process. Once the team have taken a look at the specs of your device, if they meet the requirements for use in schools we will be in touch to arrange collection / drop off of your donation.

Please note: It's really important we get as much information as possible regarding the specifications of your device, so if you don't know please try to find out before submitting as we use your responses to establish whether they will be suitable for online learning or not. Without knowing this level of info we will be unable to complete an assessment.
Data Protection and Confidentiality - We comply with all legislation governing the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The information you provide through this survey will be kept secure and analysed by Warrington Borough Council. The data will also be shared with Laptops for Kids who are working in partnership with Warrington Borough Council. The shared data will not include your IP address and will be kept confidential. 

Information relating to Secure Data Erasure - Laptops for Kids are working with global data security company Blancco to securely erase laptops and provide certification to prove the process has taken place. Blancco has donated licences in support of the campaign.

To read more about Data Protection see here