Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism Membership Application

Membership application is a two-stage process.  From this web page we will capture information about you and basic information about your business.  When your application has been processed, your details will be entered onto our database and you will start to receive emails from us. You will then be sent a further form to collect advertising details about your business that will be used to compile your new page on our website.
This application is quite short but it can be saved at any stage and resumed at a later time.  Guidance on completing the application and the information needed is available.

1. Your business details

On this page we gather the basic information about your business.

1. Name of the applicant(s)
Membership can be held in the name of an individual, a partnership of two or more persons trading as that partnership, a limited company or a public sector organisation.


2. Business name
This is the name which will be used on our database. Typically it will be the name of a hotel, pub, restaurant, attraction etc and is the name by which the business is generally known.


3. Business address
This is the address of the accommodation, attraction, shop etc as needed by a visitor, rather than your postal address which may be different. The post code is also used for locating your business on the website map.  If your business does not have a physical location (perhaps because you are an Internet business), this may be omitted.


4. Business telephone numbers 
To be used by members of the public and displayed on our website.


5. email address
This is for public use and will be displayed on our website.  Any emails from us will also be sent to this address unless you give an alternative in the next section.


6. Website address
Most members have their own business website and there will be a link from our site.


7. Type of business
It is possible to list more than one business or to list a single business in more than one category.  However, at present we are capturing information for a single listing.
Please select the principle business category. 


8. Size of Business
Our membership rates depend upon business size and we have a different membership fee for small and large businesses. A large business is one with 5, or more, staff (including agency and contractors) calculated on a full-time equivalent basis over the year. Using this approach:
  • Most B&Bs and self-catering accommodation are small businesses.
  • Most hotels are large.
  • Many campsites, cafes and shops are small.
  • Activities, attractions, pubs and restaurants may be in either category.
If in doubt, ask us.

Is your business small or large? *


9. Type of listing
We offer 3 grades of membership; Gold, Silver and Associate.  They offer different benefits and they differ in cost.  Full details of the benefits and prices are available on our website.  Not all grades are available for all businesses - please see the constraints below.  All fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.


10. Give details of any further businesses that you wish to list or further categories under which the above entry will be listed.  In most cases additional listings have a 50% discount over the membership price.  We will contact you to determine your precise requirement.


11. Is your business registered for VAT? *