Staff Feedback


1. Do you like working for Camp Glide? *


2. I feel supported in my team *


3. I feel the setting is well managed *


4. What three words would you use to describe Camp Glide? *


5. I am clear about my role within the setting and what I need to do *


6. What do you enjoy the most about working for Camp Glide? *


7. Would you be confident or happy
to recommend a friend to apply for a position here? *


8. I am interested in a role with extra responsibilities *


9. I feel that there are plenty of opportunities to
further my career:


10. What activities would you like to see at Camp Glide settings? Please indicate if you would be willing to lead any of these activities.


11. What other changes to your working environment or conditions would you like to see?


12. What setting do you spend most of your time at? (optional)


13. Any other comments?