To End All Wars: Learning Programme First Survey

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1. Thank-you for filling in this questionnaire. It will help the project-evaluator compile an Evaluation Report into the web-based learning programme associated with the To End All Wars project.

By completing the questionnaire you consent to the evaluator making use of material from it for evaluation purposes only. No names of individuals or of schools will appear in the Evaluation Report into the web-based learning programme.

The questionnaire is designed to collect your early impressions. It is not expected that you will have begun to use the web-based learning programme with your class or classes yet.

How did you find out about the web-based learning programme?
Please select ONE option only.


2. Which Key Stage(s) do you work with? Please select as many as you need:


3. Which year group(s) do you plan to use the web-based learning programme with?


4. Where are you now in terms of planning the new curriculum for:

Summer Term 2014Academic Year 2014/15
Mostly planned
Some planning has been done
There's a broad outline plan
Other (please explain in the Comment box)

5. Would you be interested in attending further workshops/ INSET on using the materials of the web-based learning programme, for example in relation to your chosen Case Study?


6. What further support do you feel would benefit your planning in relation to commemorating World War 1?


7. What are your first impressions of encountering and using the website?
Please select as many options as you need:


8. Are there any ways in which the website could be made even better for you to use?
If so, please comment in the space below.


9. Have you visited the Registration page on the website?


10. Will you register your school as an active user of the website?


11. This question is about your first impressions of the learning programme's materials and resources in relation to your work as a teacher.

What are your first thoughts about the website-based learning programme?
Please select as many options as you need:


12. This question is about any plans or ideas you may have at the moment for using material from the learning programme with your pupils.

In what ways do you think you might use the website with your class?
Please select as many options as you need:


13. The learning programme presents several case-studies.
Which one do you think your pupils would find most engaging?
Please select ONE option only:


14. In your view, how will the web-based learning programme help your pupils to learn?


15. Finally, if you are happy to discuss with the project-evaluator your early impressions of the web-based learning programme, please leave your name, the name of your school, and a contact-email in the box below. Thank-you!

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