Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime Hate Crime Reduction Strategy consultation on draft proposals

The Mayor’s vision is for London “to be the safest global city on earth”.  This includes helping communities to have the confidence to report hate crime and know that the police and partners will respond appropriately to their needs.

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. This is cause for celebration. However, unfortunately, some people are targeted just because of who they are. Hate crime makes victims of whole communities with repercussions beyond those being targeted.

In the Police and Crime Plan, the Mayor recognised that levels of hate crime are too high and that there is significant under reporting.  Reducing hate crime is a strategic priority for the Mayor, but this can only be achieved by working together with partners.  As part of his commitment to driving down hate crime, the Mayor will use his leadership role to bring partners and London’s diverse communities together to deliver an effective strategy to tackle hate crime across the capital.  

The draft consultation document is available

Please take this opportunity to feed your views into the consultation by completing this survey.  The consultation closes on 5 September 2014.

The final strategy will be published in Autumn 2014.
Thank you for taking part.
Your views on the draft Hate Crime Reduction Strategy
1. Are the right objectives identified on page 9?
1a. Do you have any further suggestions?
2. Are the right potential strategies identified on pages 10 to 14?
2a. Do you have any further suggestions?
3. What are the right measures of success for this strategy (see page 15)?
4. Is there any further evidence which MOPAC can use to develop this strategy?
5. Can you/your organisation contribute to tackling hate crime? If so, how? (Please state the name of your organisation in your response if applicable)