Martial Arts Scoreboard Application

1. Student Details


1. Which Martial Art(s) do you teach/study? *


2. Do you run a Club/Association in the Martial Arts industry or are you a student?


3. Do you currently use any kind of scoreboard in lessons or competitions? If yes, please detail.


4. Would you find a scoreboard on an Android Device helpful?


5. Would you find it helpful if multiple devices could connect to a host device to score events through points or flagging such as Kata or Forms?


6. Would you find it helpful if the scoreboard could be projected to a screen via a cable or Chromecast?


7. How often would you use the application? (e.g. times a month)

Use per month

8. Do you own an Android Device or an Apple Device?


9. Would you want to save the scores at the end for further use? e.g. save to phone


10. If you said no please skip this question. If yes, would you want the score to be deleted after a period of time or only when you want to?


11. Are there any features that you would like there to be on the application that has not been covered in this survey?

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