tmactive150- more people, more active, more often

1. What is your age?


2. Are you male or female?


3. What is your postcode?


4. Do you have a disability or impairment?


5. What is your ethnic origin?


6. How often do you participate in physical activity per week? This may include sport, exercise, brisk walking or cycling.


7. Have you found it difficult to take part in physical activity, sport or exercise for any of the following reasons?


8. How important is physical activity to you?


9. Would you like to take part in more physical activity?


10. Do you feel that there are barriers which prevent you from being physically active? For example, time, cost.


11. Do you feel that physical activity is important for good health and wellbeing?


12. What activities are of interest to you?


13. What time of the day would you attend a group?


14. Do you have any other comments or questions?


15. To find out more about physical activity opportunities in Tonbridge and Malling, please include your email address or contact number if over 18 years of age in the comments box below.

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