Restricted Growth - Reaching aid. - By Connor Launder


1. How often do you shop at a store? *


2. Do you find reaching some items in shops difficult? *


3. Would you use a portable product that would aid your reach? *


4. Do you use any form of reaching aid at home? *


5. Do you use step stools at home? *


6. When at a supermarket, do you need to ask for help sometimes in order to reach some items? *


7. How much would you be willing to pay for a portable reaching aid? *


7. Do you feel your work place is well adapted to meet your requirements? *


8. If answered yes to Q7, ignore this question.
If Answered No on Question 7. What industry do you work in and what is most difficult working there with restricted growth?


9. Do you enjoy shopping at supermarkets? *


10. What is your age? *


11. What is your gender? *


12. Do you have restricted growth?

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