Survey of autistic people

Thank you for taking part in our survey to inform our Too Much Information campaign in its second year.

For the next year of the campaign, we want to know more about your experiences and how you’d like the public to behave. We particularly want to hear your experiences of when you need extra time to process information and how the public’s understanding of this impacts on your life. 

What we mean by ‘processing time’/’processing information’ when we say it in this survey:

The time that it takes you to understand and think about the things that people are saying to you or in written communication., e.g. in job interviews, whilst making purchases in shops or other places, at social occasions, whilst trying to access public services, etc. 

By processing information we do not mean processing sensory information, e.g. sounds, lights, touch, etc.

The information you provide in surveys like these help us to shape Too Much Information and show how crucial it is for the public to understand more about autism. Last year the campaign was shared on BBC Breakfast, The Guardian and many other news outlets.

1. This survey is designed to capture the views and experiences of autistic people. We need to know if you are answering this survey about yourself or someone else. Please remember, this survey is about people on the autism spectrum aged 16 or over. If you are filling it in for someone else, make sure you fill in the details about them, not yourself. *